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Aggregation Model [ CAM ]

Paul Jesukiewicz, Director

Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative


Version 1.1

August 14, 2009

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Readiness and Training, Policy and Programs


SCORM 2004

4th Edition

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Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

SCORM® 2004 4th Edition Content Aggregation Model (CAM)

Version 1.1

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Technical EditorINTENDED AUDIENCECONFORM, COMPLY, AND CERTIFYCOPYRIGHT, LICENSING, AND REDISTRIBUTION GUIDELINESSECTION 1SCORM® Content Aggregation Model (CAM) Overview1.1. Introduction to the SCORM Content Aggregation Model (CAM) Book1.2. The SCORM Content Aggregation ModelSECTION 2The SCORM® Content Model2.1. SCORM Content Model ComponentsSECTION 3SCORM® Content Packaging3.1. Content Packaging Overview3.2. Content Package Components3.3. Components of a Manifest3.4. Building Content Packages3.5. SCORM Content Package Application Profiles3.6. Best Practices and Practical GuidelinesSECTION 4Metadata4.1. Metadata Overview4.2. LOM Metadata Creation4.3. LOM XML Schema Validation Approaches4.4. Metadata Extensions4.5. Metadata and SCORM Content Model ComponentsSECTION 5SCORM® Sequencing and Presentation5.1. Sequencing and Presentation5.2. Presentation/Navigation Information5.3. Relationship to Content PackagingAPPENDIX AAPPENDIX BReferencesAPPENDIX C